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Kate Rowley, Head of Public Affairs at national supermarket chain Waitrose

“I have worked with Jodie for almost two years and during that time she has been a tremendous support to our business. Her public affairs knowledge and advice is second to none and, coupled with her solid understanding of the retail environment, she adds huge value to our in house communications activity. Jodie's high standards and outstanding efficiency mean that she always delivers above and beyond what is expected on projects. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jodie to any company looking to build their profile or enhance government relations.”

Rachel Fellows, Head of Corporate Communications, Kellogg's UK

"Jodie is a capable and highly effective PA operator. Her insight has proven invaluable to Kellogg's over a number of years.”

Benjy Maor, Head of International Resource Development at   Beit Issie Shapiro, Disabilities Adviser to the UN

"Jodie is personable and provides excellent work at a reasonable cost.  She regularly presents creative ideas and is punctual.  I hired her as a media consultant in 2011. Great results, Expert, High integrity."

Mendy Sudak, Director at parking solutions provider Ranger Services

"Jodie is an outstanding yet understated PR professional. Jodie was instrumental in our successfully campaigning for amendments to legislation that changed our industry. Jodie knows and understands the political landscape and was quick to gain a similar understanding of our industry to enable her to identify the right contacts and guide us each step of the way. Her research and constant updates on progress on anything that may have affected our business was most useful."

Robert Curtis, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Graduway

"Graduway is a start up alumni networking business and prior to working with Jodie we had received no media interest.  Within weeks, Jodie generated coverage for us in our number one target publication as well as many others, which led to phenomenal interest in Graduway from our top priority stakeholders.  She understands our business requirements, delivers excellent results and is a pleasure to work with.  I would definitely recommend her to other businesses looking to raise their profile."

Barry Simon, Head of Investor Relations, Discount Bank


"I recently had the opportunity to work with Jodie Cohen on a Corporate, Social & Environmental update and was impressed by her reliability, writing style, attention to detail and turnaround time."

Peter Higgins, Owner, Rare Corporate Design


"Jodie is one of the most professional writers I have ever worked with. Her knowledge and understanding of CSR issues is second to none and she always seems to add that extra dimension that other writers miss. Jodie always delivers, on time and on budget, a rare commodity these days!"


Richard Ferrer, Editorial Director, Jewish News & Media Group


"I’m proud to say I’ve worked with Jodie for three years in my role as editor of the Jewish News. She is one of the safest pairs of editorial hands in the business, delivering sparkling, immaculately researched copy to length and pre-deadline. Jodie can expertly turn her hand to anything from hard news and interviews to colour features and human interest. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

Chris Wermann, Director of Corporate Communications, Home Retail Group


"Jodie has been consistently very good at delivering great work on time while providing very good consultancy to the team and me. She is very personable and able to be strategic as well as delivering tactical initiatives that help to deliver results."

Michael Frohlich, UK Managing Director and EAME Brand Marketing Practice Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations


"Jodie is an excellent PR practitioner, effortlessly handling clients across different time zones while always maintaining the highest quality of work. Working with Jodie on clients has been a pleasure and she always delivers on her word."

Peter Bingle, Chairman, Bell Pottinger Public Affairs


"Jodie is a force for good. A prolific networker and finder of new business opportunities, Jodie is also an accomplished account handler. She is one of those consultants you simply must have as part of your team. The fact that she does this for BPPA whilst based remotely with her family is amazing."

Elizabeth Buchanan, Special Adviser, Chime Communications


"Jodie is the consummate professional.  She gives the best advice, quickly, and thoughtfully.  She has a real depth of understanding of Westminster and Whitehall, and I would commend her to you."   


Mike Tuffrey, Co-founder, Corporate Citizenship


"Apart from everything else, great at coping with changing deadlines, overcoming unexpected problems and meeting demanding client expectations. Great Results, On Time, High Integrity."

Michael Kissman, Corporate Affairs Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland


"Jodie is a great copywriter; but she is much much more. Jodie uses her extensive Communications experience to not only support on high quality CR reporting and drafting, but she also advises on positioning and policy formulation. She brings a working insight into what questions key stakeholders will want answering; ensuring comms are as relevant as possible. Highly organised and always to time. Pleased to recommend her."

Lord Polak, President, Conservative Friends of Israel

“I have known Jodie for 10 years or so, first meeting her in Israel where she was working and advising major companies. Having established my own political consultancy, Jodie worked with us and looked after some clients and serviced them brilliantly. Jodie gained the respect of people because of her attention to detail, her excellent writing skills, her political knowledge and thoughtful advice. Jodie ensured that everything that she did was done on time, if not before time. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

Michael Dickson, Executive Director, Stand With Us Israel

“I have known and consulted with Jodie Cohen for ten years. She is an outstanding writer, public affairs and communications consultant. She has an instinctive knowledge and feel for matters of policy and politics. She also has an intimate and detailed knowledge of Israeli history, diplomacy and related matters. Jodie is known in her field as a consummate professional and is an extremely hardworking and capable individual. I have come to trust her insight and advice. I thoroughly recommend her.”

Stephanie Caun, Corporate Citizenship New York


"Jodie and I worked together on a CSR report for SolarCity and she was a pleasure to work with. Despite the time difference (we are based in New York) Jodie was friendly and accommodating - working quickly to meet our needs, and often to tight time frames! I appreciated she was responsive to feedback and also often made good suggestions for improvements. Hope to work with you again in future!"

Jeremy Newmark, Former Chief Executive, Jewish Leadership Council


“It is a pleasure to recommend a candidate of Jodie's calibre. Jodie is a consummate political communications professional. She is highly regarded and respected by senior figures across the UK political arena and played a key role in successful lobbying efforts and comms campaigns around key imperatives for the UK Jewish community. She has a track record of influencing government ministers at the most senior level. In recent years Jodie has also played a key role in oiling the wheels of UK/Israel bilateral relations through her extensive contact base."

David Sowells, Principal, Tricuro LLC

“I have no hesitation in recommendation Jodie Cohen. When we worked together in London, Jodie was my most hard working, diligent and committed member of staff. She is enthusiastic, intelligent, shrewd and ambitious. Crucially, she cares deeply about her clients and her employer, and is not afraid to go above and beyond to get results. Rare in a young PR consultant, she is not afraid to offer advice (as opposed to just raw information), and to back that advice with reason and evidence. She is a fair, firm and inspirational leader, with a kind personal touch when required. She's also a lot of fun. I would employ her again if I could."


Jonny McCaig, Global Reporting Director

"Jodie has provided copywriting support to Unilever for a number of years, specifically on the Sustainable Living Report. First and foremost, her writing is crisp, sharp and accessible. Jodie's in-depth knowledge of sustainability across industries means that she can convey complex issues in language suitable for specialists and generalists. She is extremely diligent, proactive and flexible. For all these reasons Jodie is one of our go-to writers and comes highly recommended."


Louise Ayling, Stakeholder Engagement Director

I’ve worked with Jodie for almost four years on numerous sustainability reports, from Lidl and John Lewis Partnership, to Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate and Chalhoub Group. She’s a brilliant copywriter with an in-depth knowledge of sustainability. This makes her an expert at picking up on the client’s required tone, writing everything from very corporate sustainability reports, to much more engaging and personal editorial-style documents. I particularly love the fact that Jodie avoids all the written clichés that too commonly fall into sustainability reports. Jodie is a pleasure to work with – friendly, professional, timely and flexible. I’d highly recommend her. / © All Rights Reserved

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